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For Professional Psychotherapists

Training Services

I have obtained professional training from professionals in the therapy field who are creative and able to surprise their audience, leaving them with new tools and new questions about their own practice. I have the same objective for the training I provide: to surprise, to question our usual way of doing therapy, to present new tools and a different point of view.

Here are some examples of the training I have provided to Canadian and international professional audiences :

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy (part one)

  • Solution Focused Brief Therapy ( part two)

  • Effectiveness in Psychotherapy: quality of the therapeutic relationship and client’s control in therapy

  • A different view to depression in the work place

  • Single Session Therapy

  • Psychological Harassment

  • Work conditions and psychological welfare: challenges for the therapists


Besides the training listed above, I can provide training tailored to your specific needs. I am an Emploi-Quebec certified trainer (Law 90).

Pour les professionnels en psychothérapie: Text

When do you need to make a call for supervision?


  • When you have the feeling that you work harder than your client....

  • When the client's well-being does not improve ...

  • When you have the feeling that no progress has been made in therapy.....

  • When you need to improve the therapeutic relationship....

Types of supervision : individual and group

Obligation of 90 hours of continuous training and education over 5 years

“Supervision is a professional activity focused on the evaluation, improvement and development of the knowledge, skills and behaviors of supervisees in the practice of the profession. The practice of supervision requires the psychologist to develop and maintain the skills relevant to this exercise, as stipulated in the code of ethics.

Of the 90 hours of mandatory continuing education in psychotherapy, a minimum of 5 hours must be devoted to formal consultation or supervision, regardless of your expertise or experience. This is an obligation.

To be recognized as part of the obligation of continuing education in psychotherapy, formal consultation or supervision must be justified by a certificate of formal consultation / supervision in psychotherapy signed by the supervisor and the supervisee and must be kept by each party" [Loose translation]. »(OPQ website, 2021)

Pour les professionnels en psychothérapie: Text
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